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    I’m a girl who picked up a pencil and fell in love with it, then I found out about computers and all of these amazing illustration programs that gave me options so I embraced it. But I wanted a layer of paper, stained in tea to still coexist in all of this because why not? I love an old letter something that feels like it holds a thousand stories and I included that as well.


    I drew my initial line work with a technical pencil, scanned it and added my colors from my color palette in Photoshop. Why so, because I love options and nothing is set in stone.


    I dyed and stained paper with Kenyan tea and aged it over a week. I added these layers to my work and voila, things of the past was born.


    Printed on high quality 245gsm photo satin paper, signed, numbered and thoughtfully packaged with a note of gratitude for being one of the people who supports my vision by choosing to own one of these pieces. I’m eternally grateful.

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    Have you gone through the eBook or looked at the collection in its entirety and in love with a piece that you would like to get for yourself? If the answer to that is yes, please proceed to sending an email with the following information to phoebeouma1996@gmail.com


    • The name of the piece/pieces you want and the sizes in the table above
    • Your preferred shipping address which should include (your full name, email, phone number, physical address, zip code ,city and country )
    • I will send you an invoice with payment details 
    • Once the pieces are paid for ,you will receive a confirmation via email, your order will be packaged and shipped in 48hrs and you will receive a DHL tracking number 
    • Orders arrive in 5 to 10 days of shipping
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