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    My name is Phoebe Ouma and I've loved art & fashion from a very young age. It's become an integral part of my life and I'd love to share that world with you.


    I specialize in lifestyle, fashion & family illustrations.


    I grew up in the outskirts of Nairobi, moved to Iowa when I was four and came back to Nairobi when I was ten years old.

    I now reside in Nairobi Kenya full-time and absolutely love it!


    My work is inspired by the constant need to live vicariously through my work ,relive beautiful moments seen in fashion and real life. I'd like you to have an African experience influenced by a global perspective when you see my creations.


    I grew up not seeing much of people who looked like me in the magazines I consumed. I'm determined to provide a different perspective for women of color.


    I've been graced and forever humbled to have my work covered by the Nation Newspaper in an article in November 2018 , CNNs Instagram & an article on their Website in October 2019 , Precision Air's In-flight magazine for their quarterly (January -March) issue in 2020 and an article in Die Presse's Website in February 2020.


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    Brand Illustration

    Book & Magazine Illsurtations

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    I'm humbled to have been featured by the following press entities

    CNN Africa

    Daily Nation

    Die Presse

    PAA Magazine

    CNN World

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    Here's What Some of My Clients Have to Say


    Phoebe created four wonderful illustrations for me to celebrate mine and my husband's wedding anniversary. The thought and love that went into each piece is outstanding.If you want to celebrate a moment in your life, Phoebe can do that for you!

    Diane Fond

    I first viewed the beautiful work of Phoebe Ouma while viewing an Instagram account I follow. I’m from🇺🇸 but my son lives abroad and has a friend in Kenya 🇰🇪. One day I saw an exquisite illustration of this family. I researched and found it was done by Phoebe. My daughter and son in law will be celebrating their first anniversary in April. What an amazing gift if I could get my favorite photo drawn in color by Phoebe. It was such a pleasure working with this artist. She captured the moment exquisitely. I can’t wait to actually give the gift now framed to my children. She is a pleasure to work with and every detail is lovely. In my words this is a 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ artist!!! Can’t wait til our next personal commission. Many thanks!


    As fashion designer, I was looking at an illustrator who will be able to understand the brand identity and incorporate it in a modern way. I worked with Phoebe for several fashion illustrations and I was always pleased by the ideas she would come up with. You can tell through the communication with her and with the illustration she delivers, that she is very professional. The colors that she picks, the faces of the models, the scenery...each and every detail perfectly well chosen. I would definitely recommend working with her.



    Here a few pointers to bring you a step closer to ordering and becoming a co-creator in bringing your
    personal commissions to life!


    1. Check out my price list below, see if what you’d like fits into one of those categories


    2. Drop me an email at phoebeouma1996@gmail.com describing your dream commission, feel
    free to seek any clarification here (trust me everything is so much better in writing, it helps me
    to serve you better and prioritize your needs

    3. Once we are on the same page regarding prices and sizing, you will need to pay a deposit
    fee(half the price) through Worldremit Mpesa payment option (I’ll share the details you need
    from me via email)
    The best part is you can choose whatever payment method you have to make the deposit on
    this platform.

    4. After this, we can start!

    •  We will discuss and agree on a theme and a suitable color palette.
    •  Send whatever reference photos you would like at this point as well.
    •  I’ll start off by sending a preliminary sketch of what we had previously talked about.
    •  You are allowed two revisions during this time without additional payments to refine the sketch to your desire.
    •  Once the sketch is approved, I’ll color it in with your choices and get back to you (please note the photo is in low resolution at this point, only for you to get the gist of what we are doing).
    •  At this point, you are allowed one revision to change colors, once you approve it you will be required to make the remaining payment before receiving it in high resolution or prior to delivery

    5. Enjoy your work of art and I’d love to hear how you are loving it and using it!


    ( Please note that agreeing to pay for your commission is agreeing to this process and its terms and conditions and there are no refunds )

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